Frequently Asked Questions About Vasco Translators


Yes, Vasco Mini 2 connects automatically to cellular networks in over 150 countries for free. That means unlimited translations for the lifetime of the device. Please note that you can only use the device for translations, not for surfing the web. Also, the device may not be used for commercial purposes.

You can do unlimited translations for the lifetime of the device.

Vasco Mini 2 Translator does not require any top-ups. You pay once for the device and then use the built-in SIM card forever.

No, the SIM card can only be used with Vasco Mini 2 for translations.

The Vasco Mini 2 is a voice translator and as the device uses the world's best speech recognition engine, you do not have to type a thing.

Vasco translators need an internet connection to recognize voice and translate. However, the built-in SIM card allows you to use any of our translators without needing WiFi in 150 different countries around the world. This is because the SIM will connect to local cell phone networks. And when using the Vasco Mini 2 you don’t have to worry about ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS, as the built-in SIM offers free internet in 150 different countries. Of course, you can also connect to local wifi if preferred (for example, in regions where there may be no cellphone coverage).

Vasco Translator Mini 2, 4”, 5” and 7” are just voice and text translators. Vasco Traveler has more functions, such as an ability to make phone calls, built-in travel guides and GPS navigation. Vasco Solid, on the other hand was built to be water, shock and dust resistant. You can compare any model by choosing “add to compare” on our website when looking at a product.

Depending on your model, open the menu or go to the device settings. Find the “WiFi settings.” Tap the WiFi On/Off switch. Choose the wireless network from the list. If prompted, type the network password and confirm “OK.” Vasco translator automatically remembers any WiFi network it’s connected to, as well as the password.

Attention! Vasco Mini 2 is equipped with an unlimited SIM card and no top-up is required. For other Vasco translators, visit Choose the top-up value, type your device’s number, and click “Buy now.”

Your Vasco number is also your SIM card and phone number (if the device works as a phone). You will find it in the box it came in, under the battery cover, or in the device menu on your translator.

It is possible on Vasco Traveler 5”. A Google account is required as well.

Yes, you can but it may incur additional costs.

Yes, you can use your own SIM card while in the UK.

It connects to 5 different translation engines for best results, so while it’s not a dictionary with a set amount of words, it should be able to translate any word in the language you’re translating, so long as it’s a real word in that language.

Usually, for $10 you can translate ca. 5,000 average-length sentences. This means that the price of one sentence is around 0.2 cents (not dollars, cents!). With Vasco Mini 2, all translations are completely free in the 150 different countries where the SIM works.

We are always working to add new languages, therefore new languages often appear after doing a software update on your device. Updates for your device are free for life.

Yes, your translator should work wherever mobile network coverage is available. A full list of the 150+ countries where Vasco operates can be found on our website.

Vasco translators work in 150+ different countries. You can check which ones on the map found on our website.

Yes, for any language supported. A complete list of supported languages, including information about pronunciation and speech recognition, can be found in the product descriptions on our website.

It depends on the model and how you use the device. For a fully charged Vasco speech translator in stand-by mode, the battery usually lasts for 4-10 days. If you’re using it for translations occasionally, the battery lasts for 2-4 days. If you use the translator non-stop, then the battery lasts for 4-10 hours.

If the device is not used for a long period of time, the battery may go completely flat and the device may not respond after plugging in the charger. This is normal. Just leave the charger connected to the device until the battery charging symbol appears on the screen. It may take up to several minutes. To extend the battery life, try not to let the battery reach this stage. Think about it the way you would a car battery—if you don’t drive the car for some time, the battery goes flat and you need to jumpstart the car. Rather use it ever so often to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Yes, that’s exactly how Vasco translators work. High quality, native-like pronunciation is supported for most languages, but do check our website for a full list of languages supported. Also, many of the Vasco translators are capable of text translations, if that’s what you’re after. Some can even take images of text and translate it by scanning the text.

All Vasco speech translators have a translation accuracy of up to 96%, so if you are getting poor results that’s likely because you aren’t speaking loudly or clearly enough OR you’re using slang or colloquialism. It’s also possible that you’re starting speaking too soon or release the button too early.

It’s because the devices use five online translation engines, as well as an online speech recognition engine, to do the translations. To get as high translation accuracy as possible, we chose this option. As we have servers in five continents and you can connect to mobile networks in 150 different countries with Vasco, you’re pretty covered wherever you go. You can, of course, also connect to any wifi available.

Usually, yes. You can also speed it up searching for a mobile network after crossing a border. To do so, just reboot the device.

Most of our clients say that Vasco translators are the best speech translators in the world. What distinguishes us from the competition, is the use of five different translation engines (ensuring high-accuracy translations), a user friendly interface and a SIM card that ensures reliable operation almost anywhere in the world (150 countries). Different devices offer different perks, such as Vasco Solid being great for those who take it out in the wilderness, but all of Vasco’s translators are incredibly high-quality translators and used by governments, the military and medical institutions.

Yes. A padlock icon means that the WiFi network you want to use is secured with a password. If you have the password, tap the name of the network and enter the password. Then, tap “ok” and use the device. If you don’t know the password, contact the network provider.

If you are unable to access the internet after crossing a border, try to restart your translator—simply turn it off and then on again. This will speed up login to the new GSM network.

A factory reset will erase all the settings defined by the manufacturer—these settings are necessary for the proper operation of the device. Therefore, we warn you against performing this action. If, for any reason, you’ve already restored the initial settings, please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

First, make sure that internet data roaming is turned on. Depending on your model, open the menu or go to device settings. Find the symbol. Tap and hold the icon to enter the “Cellular network settings” Tap the On/Off switch next to the “Data roaming” to enable internet data services.You can also check if you haven’t accidentally turned the airplane mode on.

If a new version of the software is available, you will see information about it after tapping “Check for updates,” which can be found under… In order to update the device, download and install the application, tap “OK” and reboot the device. If there are no new updates, you will see “No new updates.”

If your home network has a security setting in the form of a password, make sure that you have entered the correct password. Remember that the password may be case-sensitive. It should work without a problem if the password is correct, but if for some reason you keep having problems, please contact our customer service team.

Try to turn the WiFi off and on, or restart the device. Then type in the password for the WiFi again. If it’s still not working after that, please contact our customer service team.

If you accidentally changed the language of your device to one you cannot understand well enough to find the language settings again, please contact our customer service team to help guide you through the process.

First, check the volume level by pressing the “Volume +.” If it is set correctly, make sure that speech translation is available for the chosen language. You find a full list on our website (just click on the sales page for the device you own). If both of these conditions are met and your translator still does not read the translations out loud, please contact our customer service team.

In order to top-up your account just visit Choose the top-up value you wan, type your device’s number (if you don’t know it, it can be found under settings, as well as in the box the device originally came in), and click “Buy now.” Note that Vasco Mini 2 comes with unlimited data, so no top-up will be required.

No, it’s not. If you restore your Vasco to factory settings, you will lose its functionalities.

You can check your balance by tapping “account balance” in the main menu.

It depends on which country you are in. The current call rates can be found on the product page on our website, below the “Connectivity” section. Click on the map, or enter the country name to view current rates.

The rates for data depend on the country you are located in. The current rates can be found on the product page on our website, below the “Connectivity” section. Click on the map or enter the country name to view current rates.

You can check your balance by tapping “account balance” in the main menu.

You can make phone calls in almost all countries. Using data is limited to some 160 countries (you can use WiFi anywhere in the world). You can consult the map embedded on the Vasco Traveler description page for a full list of countries where you can use it for making phone calls, and/or using data.

Please ensure that GPS is enabled on your device. Go to your “Device settings.” Select “Location.” Choose the most appropriate option, but note that selecting the “High Accuracy” mode will reduce the time it takes to get an accurate signal.

If you purchased the World Map with your device, it will be available automatically when you start navigating. However, if you purchased the Vasco Traveler without the World Map you can activate it at any time by making a purchase here. You will receive an activation code that you must enter in the maps and navigation settings. Just click on “Activate product code.”

We’re a forward thinking company and we care about the environment. Because of that we don’t send invoices via mail. Your electronic invoice has been sent to the email address provided when you made your purchase and if you need to, you can print it for your records. If you cannot find it, contact us and we’ll resend it.

Yes, you can always call us and pay by credit card, or you can do cash on delivery and pay the courier when you receive the parcel (if that option is available in your country).

Yes, you can call our customer support and place your order over the phone. You can also pay by credit card over the phone.

Unfortunately, we’re an online shop and we currently have no showroom in the UK. If you live in another country in Europe, please give us a call, or email us, and we’ll provide you with all the details for local shops.

In the UK, the standard delivery time is three business days. It may take longer if there’s bad weather or road conditions. If you wish to receive your parcel quicker, you can always choose the express delivery option, which usually means you’ll have your order delivered within one business day, depending on your post code (again: unless there’s bad weather or road conditions).

It can take up to 14 days from the day we received the item, to refund your purchase (which is in accordance with EU law—directive 2011/83/EU). We are usually able to refund you much quicker, though. However, please note that we are obliged to use the same credit card/bank account that you used for the purchase, so make sure you checked the right card/account.

No, we do not refund the postage, only the product and only within 14 days of purchase.

Yes. If you return your purchase within 14 days, you will receive your money back.